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DanceFitWeb has a diverse selection of classes & workshops including dance technique, dance-fitness, and body-mind classes, yoga classes, acting classes, improvisation classes, & modeling classes. Our focus is on fitness and wellness; performance and delivery; and feeling good & looking great... helping you to be the best that you can be to live and love life. Please note that all classes do not run at all times and may be held at different locations. Refer to the schedule for the latest information.

Classes are taught by Edna-Jakki Miller, Dance & Fitness Professional. All of our classes are custom designed and are unique in format and style incorporating principles of natural movement that can be applied functionally to all aspects of daily living. DanceFit classes are joint-friendly, safe, effective, balanced and energizing targeting the whole you and perfect for all fitness levels.


Acting Basics

This group of classes cover all of the basic skills to help you be the best you can be when presenting yourself whether on stage, screen, or video. Classes include Acting (On-Camera and Stage), Movement Training, Commercial, Improvisation, Performance Mastery, Auditioning, Monologues, and other one-on-one needs. You will work with an expert coach in a small group setting. Gain insight from one-to-one sessions with industry professionals. You will learn new skills, techniques, and tips and get feedback and critique to be your best when performing in any venue.


Classes stress correct placement (body alignment), and correct ballet technique. Class level is determined by the instructor, and is based on an individual assessment. All students receive corrections during class to help them advance. Classes are ongoing.


For those who need to set smart behavior modification goals, monitor progress, and assure achievement of their goals. You will meet once weekly for group work (similar to Weight Watchers) without an additional charge and join into regular classes or use a program that has been developed especially for you. Program includes diet and workout plans for cardiovascular health, lifestyle changes, and meal plans. If you want to burn lots of calories and get rid of flab and design a new outlook on living, this is the class for you. Workouts include loads of cardio and loads of fun. Impact and intensity of the workouts grow with you over time.

BootCamp & HIIT

This boot camp workout leads you through high intensity strength and cardio exercises designed to challenge your strength and endurance while burning lots of calories.This class incorporates drills designed to enhance agility, speed, power, strength, and quickness for both the upper and lower body. We combine intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. We move quickly from one exercise to the next with little or no rest with breaks when needed. The heart rate stay up and the heart, lungs, and body is totally conditioned. Many of these moves are advanced but modifications are taught so that all fitness levels can take the class and stay safe and avoid injury. Designed to give you the best results for improving endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and muscular strength. Based on our signature workout format to get the best full body workout in the time that even the busiest of us can spare!

Caliente! (AfroKarib).

This unique dance-fitness based workout combines moves from African, Latin, and Caribbean dance. We dance our way into shape with this unique African-Brazilian-Latin way of moving! Join in the shaking, dancing and burning calories to the sound of invigorating and energizing rhythms. You will work up a sweat in this class... a good one. Steps are simple and easy to master in this energizing workout that will totally condition and strengthen the entire body. Just get on up and dance! If you don't already know how to dance, you will definitely be inspired in this class. You will burn calories because dancing helps you get in shape and stay in shape; and you will lose weight and tone your body. In addition to being a great physical workout, this type of dancing is a is also a great mental exercise; and it doesn't matter how old you are!


Designed to get you in shape, burn some fat and tone up. Want to see results quick, fast and in a hurry? Well, join us in CardioFlex, a fun and invigorating aerobic total body conditioning workout. You will burn loads of calories; tone your muscles and increase your metabolic set point... all at the same time! This class is excellent for those who want to increase muscle tone and to lose unwanted fat. And, you get to workout at your own level as you progress. Its a low to moderate intensity and impact class. Includes a complete toning segment targeting the core and total body. Excellent for those who want to increase muscle tone and to lose unwanted fat. You will benefit from not only burning calories, but also from improved coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. Wear workout clothes and studio/court shoes if you wish. You may also workout with bare feet. Bring a towel and water bottle and if you have hand weights (1 to 3 pound only) please bring them; if you don’t, you may use what we have at the studio.

Dance Conditioning.

Dance Conditioning is a fitness class which works on balance, muscular strength and endurance (stamina), flexibility, grace and confidence. It’s good for our brain, too, because it develops and enhances memorization skills.  The class incorporates movements and techniques from ballet and jazz. And it’s fun!!!

DanceFit Workout.

The Workout! Love to dance? Well come on and move your body in this unique and highly effective integrated, balanced, and energizing total body workout. DanceFit maximizes fat burning, strengthens your body, expands the mind, and will lift your spirit. It is a cardio dance-fitness based class that frees the body, enlivens the spirit, and strengthens the soul. Combines the best moves from traditional dance (ballet, jazz, funk, tap, modern, African, Carribbean, improvisation), yoga, tai chi, and ethinic dancing that is easy to follow and fun to do. Just as you will sculpt your body, you breathe easier, increase stamina, and improve alertness. Gain fitness, strength and increased flexibility dancing to all types of music.  Great for all ages, conditions and levels, beginner to advanced can join in the fun. Workouts are joint-friendly, safe, and effective. And, in addition to being a great physical workout, this type of dancing is a is also a great mental exercise; and it doesn't matter how old you are!

Flirty Girl - Smooth Moves

Come and learn how to be flirty and dance to bring out your natural female and sexy side! This class is very tasteful in a fun dance workout that is simple to learn with signature moves of the video vixens. Features movements using You will improve your confidence and learn to "strike a pose" while gaining a beautiful and lean body using smooth moves. No dance experience required!

Functional Fitness Workout

This class is designed to help with developing energy, strength, and flexibility to improve the ability to perform day-to-day functions with ease. Muscles used in movements required to clean, shop, and have recreational fun. Daily skills are focused on like lifting, pushing, pulling, sitting. In addition to light cardio work, we will use the body's own resistance and light hand weights.


Hip-Hop is an energized street funk class for fun music, dancing and moving to the latest hip hop and street beats! Benefits include Fat-Burning, Cardiovascular Strength, Muscle Development, Coordination, Balance, Rhythm. It fuses together jazz funk, hip hop, street jazz, funk and break dance in a basic workout for all levels of fitness. You will have a jammin' good time with great music! We will keep your heart pounding to the latest dance mixes. You'll learn energetic choreography and moves that follow a progressive and instructional format. The music will make you want to dance to the fun hip-hop moves and some funky dance routines. Prior dance experience is not required – all you need is a desire to MOVE!


Jazz is a mixed-level class that begins with a warm-up (alignment, strength, and stretch); progresses with jazz isolations, across the floor (turns, kicks and jumps); and culminates with a choreographed combination incorporating fundamental movements already practiced.  This class gives students the tools to pick up choreography in any style, get ready for auditions and improve their performance skills needed for stage and screen.


KidsDanceFit For children aged 3 through 5: Exploratory movement full of fun, games, and dancing; KidsDance For children ages 6 through 12: Beginning study of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, improvisation, hip-hop, tap, improvisation, African, and performance choreography. All classes integrate Dance, Fitness, Creativity, Self Esteem, Self Discipline, Leadership, & Followship focusing on individual attention, skills development, special needs, behavior modification, skills modification, and personal growth.

Kids Specialty Programs

  • RightWay - A special program designed to help kids address self-esteem and personal growth issues. Kids need to find a place for themselves in our world so that they are empowered to think critically and know their own minds.

  • DropZone - A special program designed to drop the pounds... Because, obesity is our highest priority... join us as we join the nation in the fight to keep our kids healthy! for kids who are overweight and/or obese who need special attention. As a kid and as an adult, I have been winning the battle... so let me help you and your kids. Call to register.


Add variety to your workout routine... add Cardio Kickboxing! Get the body conditioning benefits of cardiovascular workout, flexibility and strength in this class. Combines high-intensity drills for a dynamic cardiovascular workout including jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks for a leaner body and a healthier state of mind. No equipment required and gloves are not used. All are welcome including new students to high fitness levels.

MatCore & BarreMatCore

These classes focus on toning the total body to be lean, tight, and toned. Consists of several workout components that the instructor will select based on the class participants: Each series of exercises will target all of your major muscle groups. An all around intensive total body workout that ends with a rejuvenating stretch. There is no cardio component to these classes but they are an excellent compliment to any of our other cardio classes.  For those who want to create more energy and rejuvenate your life. Practice effective ways to release tense muscles and use your body more efficiently.


Modeling class gives you all of the basics and what you need whether you want runway, print, or video. Gain insight from one-to-one sessions with industry professionals. You will learn new skills, techniques, and tips and get feedback and critique to be your best.


Modern dance technique with an emphasis on Horton and Dunham dance techniques. Bare feet and/or studio shoes and comfortable clothes.


This free dance class (for adults) focuses on moving from the inside out; freeing the body, inspiring your soul, and expressing the freedom within your body. MovingEnergy brings more fun into your life and into your workout by integrating many techniques such as dance, yoga, improvisation, creative movement, breathing, music, and play into a dynamic experience of self-expression. The class is designed to discover, create, and build energy throughout the body using structured sequences of natural movement patterns to integrate, open and energize the seven energy centers of the body, known as chakras. Set to invigorating and pulsating rhythms, sounds of world beat, dance and sacred music, this class allows you to feel the flow; sometimes, smooth and tranquil and sometimes dynamic and strong.


Tap class is a series of exercises at the barre to strengthen the arches and heels of the feet; progresses to a series of rhythmic sequences are done that use syncopation, double and triple timing, hand claps, finger snaps and long breaks; moves to simple choreography based on exercises learned at the barre; and concludes with complex technical skills while tapping, progressions, moving through space , and short combinations traveling forwards, backwards, and side to side across the floor.


Yoga is about being present... with the body, mind, and soul for an integrative experience that you can get in no other fitness program. In yoga, we practice asanas (bodily control), pranayama (breath control), and mindfulness meditation.  Yoga improves lifestyle, reduces tension, and helps reverse effects physical inactivity.  In addition, yoga improves circulation to the spine and the rest of the body.  Hatha Yoga is one of the most complete systems of exercise ever created and there are many benefits to practicing yoga including becoming more relaxed, less stressed and more flexible.  Our YogaBeing, YogaLight (Gentle), YogaFlow, MovingEnergyYoga, ChairYoga and YogaDance classes integrate breath, strength, and flexibility with basic yoga poses linked together in a flowing style along with asanas that are also taught in the traditional way.  Our YogaLight, MovingEnergy and ChairYoga classes meet the needs of those with special needs and or limited mobility and can be done by anyone regardless of age and fitness level. Great for seniors, those new to yoga, and those with limited mobility. ChairYoga combines the best that yoga has to offer while seated. Many energy medicine and therapeutic exercises are combined to really increase and restore energy for revitalization and vitality.