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DIFTA - DanceFit International Fitness Training Association

You can become certified today or just get Coaching on your teaching technique.


For your convenience, we offer certification and coaching programs in Charlottesville, VA and suitcased to any region (Domestic & International) for anyone interested in becoming a certified fitness professional. DIFTA offers Certifications in Personal Training and Practical Teaching for most Studio classes including but not limited to DanceFit, Hip Hop, Moving Energy, YogaBeing, Aerobics, Step, Kickboxing, and other Dance-Fitness classes.

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Edna-Jakki Miller says... one of the best "keepers of fitness"

especially for athletes is yoga!

Here's why..

  • yoga benefits athletes by purifying and toning all of the systems of the body.
  • yoga compliments all movement... there is not one thing that is done in a properly designed yoga class that will harm or work against sports and or other performance training systems.
  • yoga takes us to places that other fitness regimes leave off... and further... benefits to the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems are a few and then helping to detoxify and rid the body of waste.