Feeling Good & Looking Great!

FGLG is a TV Show that began in the early 1990's first on Manhattan Cable TV as Looking Good & Feeling Great

with Richard Bradley, Jr. as  Producer; Edna-Jakki Miller as Host and Talent. We joined Charlottesville Public Access

in 1999 with Michael Randolph as Producer and Edna-Jakki Miller as Host and Talent.

It's a cable TV show for those who already believe that they have "it" and have "turned it on"

...but if you have started on that path to feeling and looking your best, then come on in and turn it on with us

...this is the place when you are looking for ideas, tips, information and advice for creating a lifestyle that is

custom fit for you and only you!


The show and EJ's work is devoted for increasing vitality, mobility and longevity for all. Edna-Jakki has a unique

insight for blending the internal and external and integrating the three energy centers of your being: mind, body, and soul.


It's About... Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit

What Our Viewers Are Saying...

"Love your show... I have been watching Feeling Good & Looking Great since it started. My favorite segment is the workout segment because you do different types of workouts! I just love all of it."

Rose Scott